Who throws the best Academy Awards party? The Oscars are more than just awards

Who throws the best Academy Awards party? The Oscars are more than just awards
Who throws the best Academy Awards party? The Oscars are more than just awards

Never came a leap year so well. In 2016 Hollywood has one more day to go over the top with the excesses that accompany the night of the Oscars. But once the gala is over, parties are all over the place, if only you are a lucky guest. Amid much revelry and celebration artists passed some drinks and some confession even; as admitted by Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence.

Nominated for the fourth time in her short career, the actress confessed that two years ago she vomited on the porch of Guy Oseary’s house during the party organized there by Madonna. More than alcohol, Lawrence acknowledged that what came to mind was that feeling that she had when she got the Oscar: that you can do anything you want, and encouraged by the controversial singer Miley Cyrus, she drank and celebrated until she lost control. Leonardo DiCaprio, Lindsay Lohan and Sean Penn were among the guests expected to sashay tonight for this exclusive spree, one of the busiest after the gala.

If there is anything that abounds in all receptions it is alcohol. The Academy renewed its partnership with the champagne house Piper-Heidsieck and only the winners will have the right to see watered their victory with such an exquisite liquid while waiting to record their names on the plate in the Dance of the Governors, the first party of the night.

Of course, they are also provided with tequila because after Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu’s victory, the shots will bear the same joy and they probably will sing the same song; the popular football chant of champions, champions.

There are also those who are more concerned about the food and if anything all treats are characterized, from the refined Vanity Fair party on Sunset Boulevard at night under a hundred stars that takes place at the Beverly Hilton hotel or the Governors one organized by the Academy, to put together a menu cannot be easy.

Guests are hungry after spending a day without eating just to get into those dazzling outfits. Last year Benedict Cumberbatch hung to a eating chips photo. Aaron Paul became Vanity Fair’s waiter party and spent the night sharing buckets of fried chicken among the guests. Reese Witherspoon and Julianne Moore also left behind. Both were seduced with a cheeseburger. A very pregnant Kerry Washington stole my sausage, she said between angriness and laughter.

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