The Bieber’s extravaganza and partying ways

The Bieber’s extravaganza and partying ways
The Bieber’s extravaganza and partying ways

Pattie Mallette was just 18 years old when her life as a single mother began. 22 years ago Justin Bieber came into this world. Patti was a courageous and fierce woman, this played a vital part in her life and her son’s; she was the one who encouraged him to upload his videos to Youtube. Eventually, that paid off, today Justin Bieber is one of the biggest stars worldwide.

Days before his birthday, Bieber got together with his closest friends;  but the big outrageous party took place at Los Angeles where by people like Joe Jonas , The Game, Diddy, Kylie Jenner, Lil Za, , Kourtney Kardashian, Ashley Benson and Hailey Baldwin attented.

Even though photos were banned, some of the guests went to Snapchat to share the moment using the #JB22 hashtag. There is a video where you can see Justin blowing the candles, dancing, drinking and even smoking outside the mansion. When the party came to an end Bieber kept on partying. Little did he know there was still a major surprise in storage.

His father was the one to -perhaps- give Justin the biggest surprise of them all… a stepmother! During a voyage across the Caribbean, Jeremy decided to pop the question to his girlfriend, Chelsey Rebeldo. Suffice to say there are some people that are not so happy about it, because Chelsey is 28 years old none the less, but hey, we are all aware that love has no boundaries.

That of course was yet another reason to celebrate; Jeremy Bieber threw a tremendous party to rejoice this new chapter in his life. Justin’s dad took the time and the money to give a once in a life time celebration to his friends and loved ones; the extravagance included artistic adornments inspired by Batman and really special guests such as a Bengal tiger in flesh and blood. Other exotic animals were seen at the event.

However, the tiger has been the reason for the latest Bieber controversy. The 22 year old singer did not vacillate to share a picture with his followers next to the exotic creature, he was wearing a purple shirt and ripped jeans, plus he looked very happy or so people say. The chain binding the tiger did not go unnoticed by the PETA organization, they published an open letter where you could tell they are not so happy about Justin and his father having these animals at the party.

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